Skynet Scissor Basketball Unit

  • Skynet Scissor Backstop

Skynet Scissor Backstop

The newest, most innovative Basketball product in the last 20 years!  Please take a moment to preview SKYNET pictures and animation above and product design highlights below:

“Scissor Lift” Design: Elevates Basket Straight Up and Down

Owner’s Benefit: Center of Gym is Clear for Volleyball Play and other Gymnasium Activities

Architect’s Benefit: Smaller Footprint to the Ceiling (without the standard pendulum swing) helps the Architect avoid Obstructions such as Duct Work, Lighting, Speakers, etc.


• Superior Strength and Stability

• Made in the U.S.A.

• Patent Pending


Please contact us for further information and also for assistance with specifying this product in your next project!

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  • Product No.:SKYNET
  • Installation:Indoor
  • Categories:Basketball
  • Keywords:Scissor Basket

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