Arizona Courtlines, Inc. is a Manufacturer of Superior Indoor and Outdoor Athletic Equipment

Founded by Tim Litten in 1991, Arizona Courtlines, Inc. (ACI) has been manufacturing quality and superior Indoor and Outdoor Athletic and Gymnasium Equipment in Peoria, Arizona for over 30 years.


As a teen-aged sports fan and basketball player growing up in a small Arizona town, Tim had an epiphany one night after practice that he knew he wanted basketball to be a part of his life and career path - affiliated someway, somehow.  Although playing the game wasn’t in his cards ~ construction, vision, innovation and entrepreneurship all played a key role in the years that lie ahead creating a dream to reality.


After the birth of the ACI’s basketball equipment, additional sports-related equipment items were designed, tested, produced and added to the scope of materials offered.  They include: volleyball, badminton, gym divider curtain, tennis, tetherball, wall padding, chin-up bar, climbing rope, football, soccer, benches and bike racks with coordinating accessories for each. 


Mr. Litten’s problem solving nature has lead to two patents in the industry that solve gymnasium design challenges.


Being a huge “Made in the USA” proponent, ACI prides itself on creating jobs here in the United States and not outsourcing our equipment to be manufactured on foreign soil.  Our team of talented Project Managers, Engineers, Estimators, Fabricators, Installers and Office personnel work diligently to bring your projects large and small from concept to reality, from inception to completion.  Click here to request a quotation for your project.


We at ACI look forward to the opportunity of working with you on your next new exciting project! 


With every Arizona Courtlines, Inc. purchase, you are helping to keep jobs here. We take pride in the fact that we are unique in our industry and have continued this tradition.